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369 bath salts are

We use emulsifier-free water-soluble CBD powder born from our unique manufacturing technology.

Ordinary CBD raw materials are known for their low solubility in water due to their oil solubility.

Water-soluble CBD dissolves in water, so it disperses quickly in water without sedimentation or oily floating.


The hemp that is the source of the CBD used by 369 is

Uses products that do not use chemicals such as pesticides.

Harvesting, distillation, and refinement are thoroughly managed 

We have achieved safety and security by obtaining various certifications in the manufacturing process.


Also, as a unique initiative

369 bath salts are heavy metal tested.

Mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic are all non-detected.


The base contains Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).

The ability of magnesium sulfate to increase the concentration of magnesium in the body supports the body's recovery from hard work.

Scented with only natural essential oils.

By working directly on the brain with the fragrant ingredients of plants and breathing deeply

Peace of mind.


Considering the body first, we use 100% naturally derived ingredients.

You can also take a bath with small children.

Enjoy a special warm time spent with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

What is CBD・・・

Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from hemp.

human selfTo the endocannabinoid system, the natural body regulation system

It is said that CBD works to help balance the mind and body by constantly adjusting various bodily functions.




369CBD BATH SALT SET 煌-KOU-600g CBD 600mg

SKU: 36903

¥14,520tax included

* Link to Pay ID (former: BASE site).

Product information

Bath salt content: 600g (containing CBD 600mg)

Container size: Height 14.2cm φ9cm

*Precautions regarding craft porcelain products

Most of the manufacturing process is done by hand.

Therefore, there are individual differences in the manufactured products.

The appearance changes depending on the light. Please understand and acknowledge.

Even products with the same diameter may have individual differences, so when the lid and container are placed on top of each other, they may not overlap perfectly.

There may be patterns like black lines on the bottom and sides, white spots, and black spots.

This is a good product that has cleared the manufacturer's standards with the expression peculiar to raw materials.

A rusty brown color may occur, but due to the characteristics of the soil,

There is no problem in using it as it is expressed.

Please handle with care as it is fragile.

Please stop using it when cracks occur.

Full Ingredients:Mg Sulfate, AscorVinic acid, tri (caprylic/capric triglyceride), cannabidiol, Osmanthus flower oil, bitter orange flower oil, vanilla fruit oil, rose centifolia flower oil, pepper fruit oil

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